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Work from women of QAT4Chem highlighted by DOE

LBNL's highlight, "Women in quantum", interviewing the women of QAT4Chem and AIDE-QC was highlighted by DOE.

QAT4Chem presents at the 2021 APS March Meeting

QAT4Chem Director de Jong Quoted in Nature

Quotes appear in Nature published an article "Beyond quantum supremacy: the hunt for useful quantum computers".

Argonne team wins Best Student Paper at IEEE Higher Performance Extreme Computing 2019 HPEC Conference

Congratulations to the Argonne team of student Rusian Shaydulin, and scientists Ilya Safro and Jeffrey Larson for winning the Best Student Paper Award at HPEC 2019 for their paper "Multistart Methods for Quantum Approximate Optimization" developed as part of QAT4Chem.

Led by the QAT4Chem team, the DOE ASCR QAT and QCAT teams delivered an all-day tutorial at ISC19 in Frankfurt, Germany.

UC Berkeley Professor and QAT4Chem co-PI Norman Yao co-authors a Nature publication describing an experimental implementation of verified quantum information scrambling on a trapped ion quantum computer developed by the Monroe group at the University of Maryland.

QAT4Chem team has strong presence at American Physical Society March Meeting

The team presented QAT4Chem research progress in six presentations at the APS March 2019 Meeting:

LBNL and QAT4Chem join Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s IBM Q Hub as a member, enabling access to the IBM Q commercial systems, over the cloud, and contribute to quantum computing education, research, development, and implementation.

Led by the QAT4Chem team, the three DOE ASCR QAT teams teamed up with NASA Ames and companies Google and IBM to deliver an all-day tutorial to a packed crowd of close to 100 participants at SC18 in Dallas, TX.

Congratulations to our QAT4Chem Team Member Birgitta Whaley, who was elected as fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in October 2018.

New web page provides overview of all quantum efforts at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley and the broader Bay Area ecosystem.

de Jong Speaker at Q2B

Bert de Jong gave an invited talk at the Quantum Computing for Business, December 5 in Mountain View, CA. The slides are available online.

LBNL Receives Quantum Computing for Science Funding